Transcript Request

Transcripts with Spring 2014 grades cannot be released until the third week of May.

The Records Office maintains transcripts of coursework completed at the college. Transcripts can only be released upon the request of the student accompanied by the transcript fee. There are two ways students may request a transcript:

*Via Dragon Zone
*Fill out the paper Transcript Request Form

To request a transcript through Dragon Zone students will need to log into their account and go to the Academics Tab. From there they can click on the transcript link and order a transcript to be sent.

If the student is unable to access Dragon Zone they can fill out a paper Transcript Request form. The paper form requires the student’s signature. It can be mailed, faxed or scanned and emailed to the records office. Find the paper transcript request form here.

Please allow 5 working days for processing of transcripts. Processing end-of-semester transcript requests may take up to 14 days after semester ends.

Refusal to Provide Copies

HCC reserves the right to deny sending official transcripts in any of the following situations:
•    The student has an unpaid financial obligation to the college.
•    The student has not submitted paperwork required by the institution to complete his or her educational file.
•    The student has any other academic hold.
•    The request form is not completed or it is not filled out legibly


$3.00 -  Official Transcript
$23.00 - Official Transcript sent overnight (the form must be received by the Records Office by 11:00 am)

$1.00 - Unofficial Transcript (students may print an unofficial from Dragon Zone at no charge)
$5.00 - Unofficial Transcript Faxed

***HCC can not release transcripts to anyone (parents, spouse, employer or friend) without your signed written consent, naming the person picking up your transcript and including all information above. That person will have to provide us with their own picture ID.***

Please contact the Records Office if you have any questions.

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