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2015 HCC EMS Field Ops Photos

To use any of these photos please give
credit to Hutchinson Community College.

EMS Field Ops 2015

10th Annual EMS Field Ops!


June 16 & 17 2015

HCC Field Operations is an opportunity for paramedic students across Kansas to come together with local and out-of-state Agencies to do scenario based training and networking.

Our purpose for this event is to expose and engage these students to care for the sick and injured in a "real" life situation, in real time with all the bells and whistles. Top priority is given to realism, safety, education and integrity.  “EVERYTHING IS REAL BUT THE BLOOD” is our supporting byline.

Our equipment, facilities, budget, staff and students allow us to invite other paramedic students to come spend time with us in a scenario based environment that prepares them for field internship and their life as a paramedic.

All of this enhances the educational experience of our students, gives an avenue to EMS agencies and professional organizations who wish to recruit Kansas paramedics, and fulfills, in part, our mission to successfully serve communities of interest.

We invite you to take a glimpse at one of our previous events (2007) here, and register below to participate for the 2015 Field Operations Event.


Click to register for the 2015 Field Operations event.
Field Ops Registration
NOTES: If you have changes after submitting your registration information, do not submit another form. Please make note of those changes via email and send to Tina Peevyhouse at peevyhouset@hutchcc.edu. Likewise, should you need to submit more information than the form has room, please include this additional information in a separate email, after submitting your form, to peevyhouset@hutchcc.edu.