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Together - Exploring the Complexities of Our World

The Natural Science, Social Science and Mathematics Department at Hutchinson Community College is dedicated to your success.  We embrace diversity and encourage students to challenge their thinking and perspectives.  Our department provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of biology, chemistry, physics, education, nutrition, physical education, psychology, sociology, and math that will serve as a cornerstone for your future academic, civic, and career success. 

Our faculty have a passion for teaching and are dedicated to excellence in student learning.  You will learn from well-educated instructors, over half of whom hold doctoral degrees. 

A variety of interactive Social Science Forums bring current topics to campus for discussion and debate, encouraging students to think critically about complex issues. 

The field of early childhood education is a unique calling and career. The Early Childhood Education program at HCC will give you a strong foundation and multiple experiences for success in this important field.

State-of-the art facilities such as the Richard E. Smith Science Center feature multimedia classrooms and labs dedicated to the specific disciplines in our three areas of study in the sciences.  Each lab is well equipped, and designed for learning and safety. Our students have access to the latest equipment used by professionals in the field and we are constantly updating and enhancing that equipment. Recently more than a half million dollars in grants were awarded for new equipment that is used by our students and instructors.

"The HCC science department has an extraordinary group of teachers that want their students to learn and succeed. If I ever had questions or problems about the material, my teachers were always willing and there to help me. You can get a great quality education with a smaller classroom atmosphere. "

~ Vicki Myers

"As a person who is interested in Human Growth and Development, the classes I have taken in Psychology, Sociology, and Human Relations are proving to be very beneficial in achieving my goal to help others. I have a deeper understanding of people and I’m now able to apply what I have learned to my daily life and experiences with others."

~ Elizabeth Delventhal