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Student Learning Outcomes

HCC has developed and has in place student learning outcomes at the Institution, Program, and Course levels to provide clear objectives for the students and faculty. 

Institution-Wide Outcomes

HCC has in place five outcomes that oversee not only the general education courses but also the entire curriculum. All HCC courses are connected to at least one Institution Wide Outcome. These outcomes are reviewed annually at the August Representative Assembly meeting, and student performance based upon these outcomes is assessed in courses, program reviews, and institution-wide assessment instruments. Rubrics are currently being developed to assist with consistency of measuring each of these outcomes.

The five HCC Institution Wide Outcomes are as follows:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to think critically and make reasonable judgments by acquiring, analyzing, combining, and evaluating information.
  2. Demonstrate the skills necessary to access and manipulate information through various technological and traditional methods.
  3. Demonstrate effective communication through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  4. Demonstrate effective interpersonal and collaborative skills.
  5. Demonstrate effective quantitative-reasoning and computational skills.


Program Outcomes

Each academic program at Hutchinson Community College has Program Outcomes. These are based upon direction of the field, guidance from advisory boards, and research in order to provide structure that best prepares students to succeed after graduation. The program outcomes appear on the syllabi for the discipline's courses, and each of course has been mapped to the program outcomes to illustrate where the introduction, reinforcement, and mastery of the program outcomes occurs. While they are assessed every academic year, program outcomes are carefully evaluated during program reviews to make sure they are still applicable. 


Course Outcomes

Every credit course at Hutchinson Community College has course outcomes and competencies. Similar to the program outcomes, these are based upon research, guidance from advisory boards, and direction of the field. For the academic transfer courses, the course outcomes and competencies are evaluated by transfer institutions to ensure they are equivalent to what is being taught there and they will be accepted upon when a student transfers to the institution. 

Hutchinson Community College also participates in the Kansas Board of Regents' Course Transfer Initiative that guarantees the transfer of 56 courses among all Kansas public postsecondary institutions through the utilization of approved course outcomes.