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Educational Quality Assessment

Assessment at HutchCC Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plans Assessment Resources Current Assessment Activities Results and Reports Use of Evidence

Assessment at Hutchinson Community College

Hutchinson Community College is committed to continuous improvement of student academic achievement. To ensure student learning is taking place, a wide range of assessment activities are used to assist the HCC community in making data-driven decisions on how to best build an environment where students can thrive. Utilizing the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment Transparency Framework, this website provides an overview of HCC assessment activities and results.


Student Learning Outcomes
HCC Institution Wide Outcomes, Program Outcomes, and Course Outcomes.

Assessment Plans
HCC's Methods and Vision for Assessment.

Assessment Resources
Helpful Information to Understand, Develop, Implement, Communicate, and Use Assessment Tools and Data.

Current Assessment Activities
An Overview of Assessment Practices Currently in Place at HCC.

Results and Reports
The Information Gained from HCC Assessment Activities.

Use of Evidence
Examples of How Assessment Data Has Helped Transform HCC.