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curriculum document Welding Technology - CERT A
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Why This Program?

  • Welding Training is taught hands on using modern equipment
  • HCC is an American Welding Society Educational Institution Member which helps us keep up with the fast moving technology of the welding world
  • Learn a cross section of the welding world including fabrication and machine operation
  • With 25 welding stations, our Hutchinson campus has one of the largest welding training facilities in Kansas!
  • AWS Certified Welding Educators (CWE) teaching students
  • Advisory committee made up of leading local industry professionals
  • Students get hands on experience in learning how to safely setup and operate all equipment in the shop

Brief Explanation

This program prepares students to become metal welders and fabricators. Students apply principles of math, metallurgy and electricity to manufacturing processes.

Program Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the safe, effective and efficient set up of welding and cutting process to meet industry standards.
2. Demonstrate work ethics including collaboration and communication skills.
3. Produce and evaluate quality welds/cuts to meet or exceed industry standards.
4. Read and accurately interpret blueprints/welding symbols.
5. Demonstrate the accurate application of layout tools, mathematics, and measuring devices to complete assignments.
6. Choose and apply appropriate manufacturing processes in the completion of projects.
7. Relate theory-based welding principles to industry-based welding.